About Me

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Originally from Hatteras, North Carolina, I lived in Fancy Gap, Virginia for half my life, always going back and forth between the two very different worlds. I went to Hollins University in Roanoke, VA where I got my BA in Film Studies with a minor in Psychology. After spending a semester in London, England, I ended up living there for nearly two years until I finally ended up moving back to Hatteras again, where I currently live.


While I’ve always had a passion for storytelling and secretly dreamed of being a professional writer, I didn’t start to take it seriously or pursue it as a profession until this past year. I had even begun working on my novel but I still wasn’t ready to say, “I’m a writer” publicly. Now that I’ve made the commitment to pursue this as a full-time career, I’m going after it with complete determination. I’m gradually learning what routines and processes work for me, and how to balance writing with the rest of my life.


I’ve always loved the dark and unnatural, being drawn to horrors and thrillers, or even dark comedies. Although I’m kind of a wimp myself when it comes to getting scared, I love to scare others. I made a few short horror films in college which I’m now hoping will never resurface again! But they were a blast at the time. My favorite kinds of scares are psychological thrillers but I’m always up for a good supernatural horror, and I can’t get enough of the classic horror movies.
I currently have two books in progress. The first is my novel, which is a supernatural thriller. Being my first novel, I’m taking my time to write and perfect it (as much as possible) before sending it out into the world. I hope to pursue the traditional publishing route for this. Second, and with a significantly shorter self-imposed deadline is a collection of short horror stories which I plan to self-publish this year.


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