Hello and welcome to my blog and website!

This is all new for me and I’m very excited to get it up and running. For my first post, I wanted to give you a little background on my decision to start working towards a career as a writer and talk about my most immediate plans. I mentioned in the About Me section that I spent most of my life dreaming of writing but doing very little to make it happen or to proclaim myself as a writer. I didn’t take it seriously as something I could make a living on or be respected for. So, I let my passion fall by the wayside and it became nothing more than a hobby.

After having a job this past year that I really didn’t enjoy, but that did however get me back into reading and writing again (I had gotten to the point where I barely even read anymore), I realized I needed to take my writing seriously if I was ever going to be truly happy. I’d already had an idea for a short story that I had been working on. It then became a novella, and is now turning into a full-length novel. Even then, I was thinking that I would write that story with the intention of having it published but I still didn’t think I could call myself a writer. At some point, I finally realized the only way to be a writer, would be to start acting like one. You can’t sneak away from the world to write for hours at a time and not call yourself a writer. The only thing you’ll be called then is crazy! Proclaiming yourself as a writer though, even just an aspiring one, seems to justify such weird behavior.

I officially made the decision to start calling myself a writer this year. It felt pretty amazing. Sure, terrifying. But amazing. I finally chose to share my real dream, and by sharing it openly, it was a way of forcing myself to commit to it. It became a plan. Now people are cheering me on and waiting to see it work out for me. I had a surprising amount of encouragement and support. That was the real start of my journey to become a writer.

I initially planned on my first attempt at a published book being the novella I was working on. However, in the process I’d occasionally write short stories as a little break to clear my head. It occurred to me that I was rushing myself to finish the novella without really giving it the care and dedication it deserved because I wanted to get it out there. I wanted to publish something. But in the beginning, I wasn’t used to making myself write such substantial amounts in one sitting or working on stories of such length (except with screenplays, but that’s a different style). I didn’t have a writing routine or method. I had no idea what worked for me and what didn’t. With the busy summer, I often put it off and allowed myself to be distracted. While I was nowhere near giving up, I felt overwhelmed at times and unprepared to take it on so suddenly. So, I finally decided that I would pause the novella momentarily (I know what you’re thinking! I will go back to it, I promise!) and continue working on my short stories and put together a collection. The idea, fingers crossed, is to have it done in time for Halloween – my favorite holiday – and to self-publish in e-Book format, assuming of course, that I don’t hate it. It may take longer than that, and if so that’s fine, because I’d rather it be right than simply done, but it’s a huge help to have that goal.

The collection has really gotten me excited again, about both books oddly enough, and it’s teaching me how to commit to making the time to write – in smaller, less intimidating doses. I’m also considering doing NaNoWriMo for the first time this year which I will consider a huge accomplishment if and when I finish. Once these two mileposts are completed, I know I’ll feel better prepared to commit to my original book again and get it out into the world.

So, the next few months should be interesting! Stay up to date with how it’s all going and what the latest news is, here and on my Instagram account @writer_emerging. I’m also on Twitter, but I’m not an avid user. Please feel free to comment with your own experiences or questions!

Check back soon,


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